[The JRB Daily] The JRB 2017 Top Fifty: Our fifty most popular posts from Vol. 1

Since our launch in May, we have published eight issues of reviews, interviews, essays, poetry, photography and short fiction. From Imraan Coovadia’s take on the sensational exposé The President’s Keepers to Bongani Madondo’s appraisal of Koleka Putuma’s blockbuster debut poetry collection Collective Amnesia; from Julie Nxadi’s exquisite short fiction to Victor Dlamini’s striking literary photography; and from Percy Zvomuya’s marvelous bookish excavations to the elegant prose verse of Rustum Kozain—we believe we have much to take pride in from our first year of existence.

Take a stroll with The JRB through our first volume; here are our top fifty most popular posts from 2017.









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