The Johannesburg Review of Books Vol. 1, Issue 2 (June 2017)

The second issue of The Johannesburg Review of Books is here—replete with some of the finest writing on books and literature that Africa has to offer.

As with our first issue, which saw many unsought but welcome synergies emerge among and between the articles (feminism, counterfactual fictions, coloniality, and so on), Issue 2 is marked by several themes, serendipitously bubbling up and seeping through the prose like literary black gold, including: Marabi-style music, African literary awards, travel across the continent and the oceans, Muslim African sexuality, the influence of Dambudzo Marechera, the ‘modernity-crash moment’ and ‘postcolonial swirl’ of the postcolony (thanks to reviewer Wamuwi Mbao for those pithy phrases) and, unhappily, how little has changed on the ground for so many Africans since independence began to dawn halfway through the last century.

Here’s the complete breakdown of Vol. 1, Issue 2, which you will also find on our issue archive page:








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