[Sponsored] Video: Anneleigh Jacobsen’s thriller Corporation Games explores the greed, sex and power imbalance of the corporate world

The Boekemakranka team Trisa and Analize recently chatted to Anneleigh Jacobsen about her fictional corporate thriller, Corporation Games.

Anneleigh’s debut is based on a number of real-life financial scandals that have rocked South Africa.

‘I spent a lot of time in Joburg working for multinational companies,’ Jacobsen told Trisa and Analize. ‘My field is in marketing … I spent a long time in Sandton and I had a lot of fun while I was there.’

‘The book is about the balance of power between what happens in corporations and head office, what happens with the decisions that are made in those big boardrooms, and how they impact people who live in the rest of our country—that tension between making a profit and putting food on the table when you’re a low-income consumer,’ she says.

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