[Sponsored] Jonathan Ball Publishers joins the audiobook revolution: Now you can listen to your favourite South African books!

A leader in the field of local publishing in history, politics and current affairs, Jonathan Ball Publishers has now joined the audiobook revolution!

The publisher has a new partnership with Audible – the global leader when it comes to audiobooks.

According to a recent report by the Association of American Publishers, audiobooks are growing faster than any other format – including print and e-books.

‘The demand for audiobooks is growing rapidly,’ said publishing director Jeremy Boraine, ‘which is why we are so excited to have a partnership with Audible.com, the world’s biggest platform for audio.

‘Not only will our authors’ books be available in a new medium, but they’ll have worldwide reach.’

The first titles that have been released via Audible are:

Now you can listen to your favourite local authors!

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