[Sponsored] ‘These stories are nothing short of miraculous’—Find out more about Terry-Ann Adams’s latest book, White Chalk

White Chalk, the new book from Terry-Ann Adams, will be out from Jacana Media this month!

‘White Chalk will blow you away by its honesty, depth and insightfulness. Terry Ann goes to places where others fear to tread. A memorable collection.’—Lorraine Sithole

Following on from the critical acclaim of Those Who Live in Cages, Terry-Ann Adams’s latest book, White Chalk, is a collection of short stories set in Eldorado Park, the site of Adams’s inspiration.

Her sentences positively glow as she documents the wonders and sadnesses of everyday life. These rich and powerful stories confirm Adams’s place as one of the brightest stars of new South African writing.

Everyday life in these stories centres can be pregnancy, death, getting the fahfee numbers from gran, what to wear to a matric ball if you are from Eldos and you want to look like Princess Diana. These stories are nothing short of miraculous.

About the author

Terry-Ann Adams hails from Eldorado Park. The 20-something writer spent her childhood playing with imaginary friends and writing poems, and started her writer’s journey at the tender age of 12 when she wrote a mini memoir detailing her struggle to be accepted into mainstream schooling as a person with albinism.

A cultural commentator, she hasn’t stopped writing since then. Adams’s work, written in English and Afrikaans, is inspired by and predominantly features Coloured people of South Africa. Her debut novel, Those Who Live In Cages, was inspired by her grandmother Frances ‘Poppie’ Adams. ‘My grandmother always wanted me to tell her story, the stories of Coloured women stuck in the townships of Johannesburg, who are often forgotten by society,’ she said.

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