[Sponsored] Find out more about Alex van Tonder’s ‘dark, deadly and beautiful’ psychological thriller A Walk at Midnight

Devoted wife.

‘This extraordinary novel is dark, deadly and beautiful. I couldn’t put it down.’ – Iain S Thomas, author of I Wrote This For You and Every Word You Cannot Say

Alex van Tonder’s new book, A Walk at Midnight, is out now from Pan Macmillan SA. It’s a must read!

‘I am unleashed from my mother’s womb while she is choosing tomatoes at Ralphs. My birth is one of her favourite stories to tell.’

This is how the reader is introduced to Jane, the main protagonist in A Walk at Midnight.

Jane is a complicated character who readers will empathise with as the novel moves between past and present, revealing some very dark secrets. Secrets that daren’t be spoken of. Van Tonder’s wit, sarcasm and sharp characterisations make for compelling reading.

In this carefully crafted psychological thriller, all is not what it seems. A ‘griplit’ novel at its best, Van Tonder captures domestic suspense at its finest.

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