[Sponsored] The White Road – the hotly anticipated new book from Sarah Lotz – is out in June

The White Road, the chilling new thriller by Sarah Lotz, is out in June locally from Jonathan Ball Publishers.

The book is the third of the trio of books that constituted Lotz’s six figure book deal from UK publishers Hodder and Stoughton, the first two being The Three and Day Four.

If early reaction to The White Road is anything to go by, Lotz has produced another top-notch, rollercoaster ride of a book.

– Publishers Weekly

“… there’s no denying The White Road is a roller-coaster ride with intriguing psychological depth.”
– Crime Fiction Lover

The White Road is the story of adrenaline junky Simon Newman, who sneaks onto private land in Wales to explore a dangerous cave with a stranger he met online. The expedition goes horribly wrong, and Simon emerges, the only survivor. He thinks he’s had a lucky escape.

Then the video of his near-death experience goes viral, and he has some interesting choices to make …

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