An autumn megamix playlist, compiled by Tymon Smith

The JRB presents tunes and accompanying editorial from our EAP member Tymon Smith.

Just in time for the season’s change, here is this month’s JRB radio megamix. 

You’ll have to forgive the preponderance of musique concrète and avant garde experimental classical cuts but, as luck would have it, a wicked pile of these kinds of records came this way over the last two months and the nerd in me just had to have them. 

For the rest, well, some rules have been broken, as they are apparently meant to be, and regular listeners will notice the reappearance of some artists featured in previous playlists, in blatant contravention of a previously fastidiously obeyed self-imposed commandment. But time is short and needs must and the majority of songs here are from recently acquired additions to the collection. 

Other than that, as always, it’s been fun, see you in midwinter, and don’t forget to—in the immortal words of the Ice Man who these days only cometh when you’re in need of someone to redecorate and flip your house on HGTV—‘stop, collaborate and listen’, and of course ‘wax a chump like a candle’.

Listen here:

  • Tymon Smith is a member of The JRB Editorial Advisory Panel, and a freelance journalist who writes about the arts and South African history. Previously the literary editor of the Sunday Times, he is the recipient of a silver Standard Banks Arts Journalist of the Year Award for feature writing. He was the head researcher for the interactive DVD Between Life and Death: Stories from John Vorster Square, and is working on a book about the Johannesburg police station.

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