[Sponsored] The how-to-self-publish guide—a Jacana Masterclass (12 Dec)

Jacana Media brings you The How-to-Self-Publish Guide—a Masterclass for those looking to do it for themselves, but who are too nervous to ask how it works.

Aimee Armstrong, who heads up Jacana’s self-publishing division, Staging Post, will explain all the detail, starting with an overview of the different self-publishing models out there, the costs involved, advantages and disadvantages, as well as success tips.

Second, the class will look at the publishing process itself, from editing to the basics of distribution and marketing. After this Masterclass, you will be armed with the knowledge to confidently take the next steps towards publishing your book.

Who should attend?

Aspiring writers looking at different publishing options/models, established writers interested in self-publishing future books. Writers who are ready to self-publish but want to know more about the process.

Event details

Date: Saturday 12 December 2020
Time: 10.00am
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