Boiling heat, followed by spectacular electric storms, followed by more boiling heat—a playlist for a Joburg summer, compiled by Tymon Smith

The JRB presents tunes and accompanying editorial from our EAP member Tymon Smith.

I’m moving so all the records have been packed up in preparation. Of course I completely forgot about the need to have records for this playlist but I was saved by the six crates of available ones still left.

This is a selection from those, made in the spirit of relief that seems to be slowly washing over the world in the wake of the defeat of the Apprentice President, and the onset of summer that Joburg’s experiencing in its usual way—boiling heat, followed by spectacular electric storms for a few minutes, followed by more boiling heat.

Once again the rules are simple—anything on this playlist is in the record collection, there are no repeats of the same artist and if I’ve done the job properly in the whirlwind predictable last minute rush to deadline, there shouldn’t be anything on here by anyone who’s been on a previous playlist.

That’s all folks. Enjoy. 

Listen here:

  • Tymon Smith is a member of The JRB Editorial Advisory Panel, and a freelance journalist who writes about the arts and South African history. Previously the literary editor of the Sunday Times, he is the recipient of a silver Standard Banks Arts Journalist of the Year Award for feature writing. He was the head researcher for the interactive DVD Between Life and Death: Stories from John Vorster Square, and is working on a book about the Johannesburg police station.
Header image: Sam Schooler/Unsplash

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