[The JRB Daily] Sign up for Read This!—a new voice note show, hosted by The JRB and Volume

The Johannesburg Review of Books and Volume have launched a new books show called Read This!, where you can discover what’s hot in the world of literature.

Read This! will be launched on Monday, 5 August, the same day as the new issue of The JRB is published.

The show will be released as a WhatsApp voice note—a groundbreaking new audio format being pioneered by Volume.

The show arrives on your phone as a WhatsApp voice note, allowing you to listen, share and interact with the show without leaving the app. Tell us, via a quick text, what you are reading, what you are deliberately not reading, or whether you take up any of our monthly book recommendations.

To receive the show, add the number 082 382 1222 to your phone’s contact list and send the number a message on WhatsApp.

You can also share Read This! with your friends, by simply forwarding the voice note in WhatsApp.

See you there!

Volume’s voice note show What’s Crap on WhatsApp?, which debunks the viral fake news and misinformation spread on the app, was the winner of the 2019 Poynter Institute’s Fact Forward Innovation Fund.

One thought on “[The JRB Daily] Sign up for Read This!—a new voice note show, hosted by The JRB and Volume”

  1. I’m unable to add this 082 382 1222 on WhatsApp. Probably because of the country differences and I do not know the country code for it. I am from Nigeria, my WhatsApp contact is +2348103675712.

    I will love to listen to the audio. Kindly send it to me if you can reach me via WhatsApp.
    My name, for the recording, is Akinwale Peace Akindayo.

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