[The JRB Daily] Call for submissions from African writers: The Nalubaale Review, a literary magazine based in Uganda

The Nalubaale Review, a literary magazine based in Uganda, is calling for submissions of short stories, poems, essays, journals and photography for its second issue.

The theme for the issue is ‘travel’, and the deadline for submissions is 15 June 2019.

Submissions are open to any African citizen or African person living outside Africa.

Read the call for submissions here:

The Nalubaale Review Literary Magazine calls short stories, poems, essays, journals, PICTURES for our next issue.

We would like you to share your travel experiences and stories. The theme for the next issue is TRAVEL and we are super excited about it.

We call upon submissions from all over the African continent and Africans all over the world. In our previous issue, we had submissions from over five African countries from all regions of Africa. We want to triple that.

You can read our previous issue here.

Bring that unique travel story in your culture along. Bring that excellent poem about your latest trip you took whether in the Egyptian pyramids, Namibian Desert, the Indian Ocean, Fort Jesus OR to that unique tribe/community.

Entries should be sent to: nalubaalereview@gmail.com

Deadline for submission is 15 JUNE 2019.

One thought on “[The JRB Daily] Call for submissions from African writers: The Nalubaale Review, a literary magazine based in Uganda”

  1. Greetings fam

    I hope all is well with you.

    My name is Antonio Sithole known as TheGivenBoy.

    I have written a novel titled TheUnforeeenMysteryLove. The novel is based in South Africa, Polokwane. It’s a romance novel that left people in awe and in shock.

    I would like you to do me an interview regarding the book. Please.

    About me

    Antonio Sithole, known as TheGivenBoy Sithson was born on the 8th, November 1999. He is the product of Ivory Park community. He spent his life in this township. Seeing things that are happening around him, he has taken a step in writing stories that will change how people think and behave. Her stories are tragedy romance which will drown you into tears after writing them. His latest book titled ‘TheUnforseenMysteryLove’ has been in peoples eyes and tongues.

    “It’s good to hear that people find my novel inspirational. I’m very happy that they enjoyed my book” he said. His book has been read all over the country.

    I’d appreciate a lot if you get back to me

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