[Sponsored] Profiles of over 600 apartheid activists collected in From Protest to Challenge Vol. 4 Political Profiles, 1882–1990

From Protest to Challenge Vol. 4: Political Profiles, 1882–1990, by Thomas G Karis and Gwendolen Carter, revised and updated by Gail M Gerhart, is out now from Jacana Media.

The book profiles over 600 individual activists who played important political roles during the century before the abolition of apartheid in 1990.

Among those included are John Dube, Clements Kadalie, Albert Luthuli, Steve Biko, Beyers Naudé and Joe Slovo, as well as Ellen Kuzwayo, Jay Naidoo, Robert McBride, PK Leballo and Patricia de Lille.

These books are a wonderful resource for future generations of scholars.

The publication of Volume 4 completes Jacana’s second edition of the six volumes of From Protest to Challenge.

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