[Sponsored] South Africans are not buying local fiction: Jacana Media aims to Save Our Stories

Jacana Media has kicked off an project called Storied, which aims to help African stories thrive—long term—and reach worldwide audiences.

The facts:

  • In South Africa in 2016, 2.6 million local adult fiction and non-fiction books were sold
  • 69,000 were English language novels
  • Only 2 of those titles sold over 2,000 copies that year
  • The average English South African novel will only sell 600—1,000 copies in its entire lifetime
  • People are not buying local fiction

Through your investment, Storied will raise the money to help publish more African fiction and poetry catering for a diverse reading community, scaling up sales margins which will be shared with investors.

Storied goes live on Uprise.Africa in a few days. 

Image: @_THESINGLETON from nappy.co 

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