[Photo Editor] Original portraits by Victor Dlamini: Zakes Mda; and Zakes Mda with Mandla Langa

Victor Dlamini is The JRB’s Photo Editor. We feature his work on our Instagram channel.


Zakes Mda and Mandla Langa, photographed by @victordlamini for The JRB.

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  • NOTE: this is a multi-photo Instagram album; hover over the photo and click the right arrow to see the second photograph
  • Zakes Mda is the author, most recently, of Little Suns, which won this year’s Sunday Times Barry Ronge Fiction Prize
  • Mandla Langa is an author and Editorial Advisory Panel member; his forthcoming book is the co-authored Dare Not Linger, the much-anticipated sequel to Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom

© Victor Dlamini, 2017

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